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Our Mission

The BRIDGE Talent Services is dedicated to helping global and local organizations in Rwanda connect with high-capacity talent. 

Our Values

All In

We are committed to pursing excellence in everything we do to achieve our mission

Results Matter

We believe results speak louder than words and our work should have impact

Right People

We believe the first step is getting the right people in the right seats

Better Together

We believe in the power of partnering with others to achieve common goals

Our Story

Powered by Bridge2Rwanda

Bridge2Rwanda was founded in 2007 to accelerate Rwanda’s growth by encouraging global direct investment and creating opportunities for Africa’s brightest students to study at universities abroad. Since 2011, Bridge2Rwanda has built a Fellowship of over 300 Scholars who have earned over $90 million in scholarships to the best universities around the world. More importantly, B2R established a robust Career Development team to connect Scholars with career opportunities back home in Rwanda following graduation. To scale its impact, in 2019, B2R extended its career counseling and job placement services to all globally educated and high capacity Rwandans through The BRIDGE Talent Services.

Pipeline of Talent

The BRIDGE partners with three organizations that, together with B2R, are responsible for sending over 1,000 of Rwanda’s brightest students to universities abroad, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Gashora Girls Academy and the Rwanda Presidential Scholars. In addition, The BRIDGE has developed an impressive database of experienced professionals working across every industry in the country. This pipeline of talent is the key to achieving Rwanda’s ambitious Vision 2050 and establishing the country as market-driven, middle-class economy and model for all of Africa.

Rwanda's Economy

Today, The BRIDGE is uniquely positioned to support the talent needs of international and Rwandan organizations launching operations in Rwanda and Africa. We understand the business landscape of the country and the challenges companies face when getting started, from registering a business to hiring a local leadership team to oversee operations on the ground. The BRIDGE is committed to ensuring that global investors have the resources and talent they need to achieve their long-term, strategic goals. 

Our Team

Our talented team of recruiters takes the time to understand the specific needs of every client and candidate to ensure satisfaction on both ends. 

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