Innovation Manager

At Brink, we are deeply committed to the big ideas that make a dent in significant, global challenges. We’ve worked with a high-growth tech startup to scale electric moto-taxis in Rwanda, tested a sexual health and wellbeing chatbot in Kenya with a large non-profit, and helped build innovative radio literacy models to keep children learning during COVID school closures in Uganda with a local grassroots organisation. 

Since 2017, we have been building a team with a diverse range of skills and expertise to work with partners with ideas like these. Now, we’re looking for someone based in East Africa (with an emphasis on Rwanda, Kenya, or Uganda) to support our venture building activity, and to be one of our founding team members in the region.

You might have founded a business, and want to apply the same mindset to other big ideas. You might have worked for a private or public organisation and want to bring dynamic ways of being and working to a new challenge. Or, you might have a background we haven’t even thought about but like the sound of this job. Regardless of your experience, you have a passion for working with teams to grow their ideas to make a meaningful impact in the world


Ideal candidates will be able to demonstrate: 


  1. Entrepreneurialism on behalf of the team and the problem
  • Scientific but human, mixing an understanding of how people “tick” with rigorous approaches for working through the problems ventures we encounter. These problems can be anything from understanding users to testing ideas quickly to developing go-to-market strategies.
  • Able to act strategically on behalf of teams, making connections and joining useful dots for them. You retain this strategic mindset even when faced with numerous and constantly shifting priorities.
  • An understanding that working with new ideas is about managing uncertainty and risk. As such, you can hold teams accountable, particularly when things aren’t working, while always being on their side.
  • Experience designing and launching a new initiative, whether a new product or service or a new initiative in an existing organisation.


  1. Communication and influence
  • Natural facilitator, with the confidence to help teams tease apart their facts, opinions, and guesses. You love building resilience and confidence in others as much as ‘doing the work yourself. 
  • An effective communicator who can relay messages clearly and influence across different organisational and geographical contexts and virtually over audio and video. You’re as comfortable talking to a donor in the UK, a tech startup based in Nairobi, or a farmer in rural Rwanda.
  • Experience in working with different stakeholders, such as customers, investors, or clients at a regional or international level.


  1. Global outlook and experience
  • Enjoys problem-solving with others in different contexts, from working with global governments to grassroots innovators on a variety of challenges
  • Curious about the latest trends in technology and innovation and able to think through how new ideas are helpful – and harmful – in different contexts
  • Culturally sensitive and able to understand and empathise with different cultures and explore how values and beliefs play a role in innovation 


  1.   Interpersonal skills (being a ‘Brinkster’):
  • Keen and eager to experiment and learn, comfortable with not knowing all the answers yet, and happy to let stuff go when it doesn’t quite hit the mark.
  • Enjoys ‘making others shine,’ Brink is a low-ego zone that thrives on making our colleagues, clients, and collaborators shine.


  1. Network building:
  • Eager to build a network for Brink across the East African region. Ability to cultivate positive, win-win relationships with people who might work for or with Brink, potential clients, partners, or power players.
  • A collaborator by default who thrives in sharing and building on the wisdom of others. Based on your perspective, you will help work with Brinksters around the world to ensure good practice is built up as we grow.



Where is the role based? 

We are open to someone being based in any country in East Africa, with an emphasis on Rwanda, Kenya, or Uganda. Brink is currently working remotely with Brinksters based in the UK, France, and Rwanda.


Years of experience: 5+ years

Salary: 45,000 – 55,000 USD per annum (GROSS)




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