Greenbelt Academy Bor is the top performing school in Jonglei State, and among the top performing schools in South Sudan. Greenbelt Academy Bor is a program of Education Bridge. The school serves more than 500 students in grades 9-10. Our mission is to inspire and educate a generation of peacemakers and transformational leaders. Greenbelt Academy specializes in three areas; academic excellence, youth leadership development and peace education. We are an organization committed to empowering youth, through holistic education, to end poverty and violent conflict; and to building a better reality for all. 

The role of the Principal is one of the most important roles for any school. The Principal oversees the day to day operations and leadership of the school. They are responsible for managing the instructional leadership team and the teachers, ensuring that the school is delivering the highest quality programming, that students are safe and empowered to learn, and that the school at large is able to achieve and live out its mission. The Principal reports directly to the Managing Director of Greenbelt Academies, a growing network of schools in South Sudan.


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Mission-aligned. We are a mission-driven organization, seeking to empower young people to eradicate poverty and violent conflict in their communities through education. We are looking for people dedicated to building a peaceful South Sudan, who believe in equality, change, and the power of young people. 
  • Curiosity and Excellence. We are looking for a principal who is deeply committed to improving education and schools, who is curious about learning and continuously engaged in their own professional development and striving for excellence. 
  • Academic qualifications. We seek a principal who has a Bachelor’s degree, and preferably also a Masters qualification in Education. 
  • Strong communicator. The principal will be an advocate for the organization, will lead a dynamic team and must handle many relationships. The principal must be a strong verbal and written communicator.
  • Teaching Experience. As the principal oversees instruction at Greenbelt, we seek someone with deep teaching experience. This person should be passionate about what happens in the classroom and have a wealth of experience to build from when they coach teachers and lead the instructional team. 
  • Deep interest in instructional design and academic rigor. We seek a principal with multiple years of experience overseeing curriculum and learning design.
  • Strong management skills. The principal is a team leader, and must work effectively to oversee the staff at the school in delivering the highest quality education. 
  • Ability to oversee complex projects. A number of critical projects will need to be delivered, and the principal will have project management skills that see ideas come to fruition effectively. 


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the Realization of School`s Mission. The school Principal is expected to have a deep understanding of Greenbelt’s theory of change (TOC) and to work with the Managing Director and other staff to continually evaluate the effectiveness of school programs in achieving the stated mission and vision.
  • Hiring and Evaluation. The school Principal must ensure effective selection of staff to fulfill different tasks within the school. It is up to the principal to identify channels of recruitment. Staff selection will not only be based on qualifications, but equally on mission alignment. After hiring, the principal is expected to continually evaluate staff performance and to provide any necessary support.
  • Selection and supervision of school senior and junior leaders. The school principal shall lead the selection of school senior leaders with support from the managing director. He/she shall select and supervise the school junior leadership with assistance from the senior leadership team. 
  • Instructional Leadership. The school Principal is expected to have a deep understanding of learning and teaching to better support teachers and other educators in designing and delivering instruction. The principal is expected to develop or continually reevaluate teaching practices and to provide training to new and seasoned teachers. A major part of the Principal`s time should be spent in classrooms observing and supporting teachers.
  • Setting Academic Standards. The school Principal sets the standard for excellence and ensures all students are supported to attain it. The principal must always be aware of the school ‘s general academic standing, and work with other staff to implement programs to ensure all students are succeeding. The principal should have a clear vision of academic standards and expectations, and other extracurricular programs.
  • Managing Data, Procedures and Policies. The school Principal is expected to design policies, procedures, and processes to ensure safety and smooth day to day running of the school. These should be evaluated from time to time and reiterated for efficiency and effectiveness. The school Principal is expected to collect, file, and analyze data to inform programmatic changes and decision-making. It is the role of the principal to ensure comprehensive recordkeeping and safety of confidential files.
  • Creating a Caring and Supportive Environment. The school Principal must ensure that the school culture is caring and supportive to all students and employees. If necessary, the principal must work with staff to develop programs to reinforce a sense of belonging and respect for all. The school Principal is expected to ensure safety and overall wellness of all students and employees. This includes physical, emotional and psychological safety. Disciplinary problems should be handled in ways that enhance learning and growth. The principal must ensure that all residential facilities and programs are run smoothly to ensure safety, wellness and general program objectives.
  • Ensuring Effective Leadership. The school Principal is expected to guide the school senior leadership team. The principal must constantly identify and leverage growth opportunities for school leaders. Leadership processes are expected to be constantly assessed and improved.
  • Parent School Relations. The principal is expected to encourage parent’s involvement in the school community, and to ensure smooth relations through the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and other channels. The school Principal is expected to design ways of engaging parents in school activities.
  • Allocating Resources. The principal is expected to have a clear understanding of the school`s priorities and to work with the school administration to allocate the limited school resources through sound budgeting and asset management. The principal is expected to work with the CFO and the school administration to design a budget at the beginning of each academic year which will be approved by the Board of Education Bridge. The principal is expected to keep a good record of the school`s assets and to ensure effective safe-keeping and utility. These include but are not limited to technological equipment, office equipment, books and stationeries, furniture, and other items.


Application Process

Please send your CV and a one-page cover letter expressing your interest in this position to Kalliope Kruesmann through and Interviews will take place at the start of February. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

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