Sales & Marketing Manager

The Sales & Marketing Manager is responsible for leading the sales teams of feed, eggs, and chicken to move product at a price that optimizes profit while keeping production in flow. The Sales & Marketing Manager will be the bridge between production and our customers; their chief responsibilities are to develop our brand, to work with production to deliver products as expected, and to keep our finished products in constant flow.
Reports to: ZAMURA Managing Director (MD)
Supervises: Sales Agents
Works with-Internal: Live Production, Feed mill, Processing, Accounting TEAMS
Relates with-External: Customers, Mechanics and Vendors, Government, Law Enforcement, and community leaders


Summary of Key Job Tasks & Responsibilities:
  • Lead all sales teams (feed, eggs, and chicken) and develop accountability to meet sales goals.
  • Develop a steady customer base to keep products in flow.
  • Coordinate with production and customers to schedule deliveries efficiently.
  • Analyze and report sales trends for sales and production planning.
  • Work with Operations TEAM to maximize pricing opportunities and improve company profitability.
  • Work with Accounting TEAM to manage payment plans and receivables.
  • Develop export market for Zamura products.
  • Develop customer retention programs for the sales team.
  • Develop education programs and campaigns for consumers of feed and chicken, highlighting the quality and value of our products compared to the current marketplace.
  • Create prominent brand presence and recognition in retail and food service outlets.
  • Develop and communicate the stories of the hundreds of small-holder farmers that supply and produce our finished products.
  • Develop marketplace to consume further processed chickens, beginning with 8-piece cut up and 1-piece bulk orders.
  • All other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field
  • Proven work experience as a Sales Agent/Representative
  • Computer literate (basic MS office and excel) as well as Proficient in MS Office Suite programs (Google docs, Sheets, meet, calendar) as well as additional web-based sites, and the ability to quickly learn and utilize new software
  • Good planning and communication skills (timely, clear and accurate report/feedback)
  • Excellent selling, negotiation and communication skills
  • Relationship management skills and openness to feedback



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