Supply Chain Manager

Kinvest is a rapidly growing international, integrated group of companies investing in agriculture production and export. We focus on developing companies that have a generational impact on the communities and land where we operate, creating rewarding returns for all stakeholders. The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing all of our fresh and dry goods from farm gate to end buyer, ensuring complete satisfaction and clear communication throughout the journey.

  • Set and personally live out exemplary standards for service, conflict resolution, problem solving and staff coaching and empowerment
  • Optimize and ensure compliance with all KINVEST policy and procedures related to supply chain management, including warehousing and inventory, purchasing, clearance, and produce handling
  • Personally oversee and consistently improve the supply chain operations, establishing clear KPIs for effective quality control and to optimize efficiency
  • Ensure both fresh and dry goods reach their destinations with exemplary acceptance rates
  • Ensure HACCP and Global Gap certifications are achieved and maintained for all produce sourced and delivered by KINVEST
  • Provide clear and insightful reporting on the supply chain
  • Develop and maintain clear tools for planning and managing production forecasts to match with customer demands and optimize constraints such as airfreight, sea freight, packhouse space, packaging and other materials
  • Any other duties as periodically assigned to you by the Managing Partner


  • Achieve an on time, in full delivery rate of 98% or greater with 98% or greater customer acceptance.
  • Achieve Global Gap certification for our core export products of fresh and dry chili, avocado and French beans.
  • Establish a management system to dynamically manage demand for produce, supply of produce and delivery constraints such as packaging, warehousing and transport with a forward looking window of 6 months.
  • Implement packhouse automation for produce washing, drying and sorting, improving employee efficiency 2x.
  • Train and develop team into a cohesive, high functioning team with clear communication and high levels of satisfaction.


Competences and Character
  • 5 + Years of experience
  • A commitment to the mission of Kinvest
  • Servant’s attitude
  • Great tactical problem solving
  • Demonstrated experience leading fresh produce export operations
  • Ability to create and implement clear processes and systems
  • Deep and well-practiced knowledge of food quality standards and international shipping
  • Strong analytical capabilities demonstrating competency in excel
  • Courage to take on difficult tasks and endure
  • Kinship, a demonstrated care for people living at all socio-economic levels and a commitment to community
  • Fluent in English



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