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We know first-hand that a company is only
as good as its people and only as effective as its teams.

We identify talent with diverse backgrounds, education, and professional skills and work closely with employers to understand the unique skillsets and qualities needed to achieve their long-term, strategic goals. 


What We Do


We help outline the key objectives of new hires and how they fit into your company’s long-term goals 

Behavioral &
Psychometric Assessments

We match applicants’ personalities and skills to your job description and company culture 

& Interviews

We assess CVs and skills to ensure that you only meet the most qualified candidates

Negotiations & Onboarding

We offer advice during the hiring process, from contract and salary negotiations to onboarding 

Why Us

Don’t waste time hiring the wrong people. We handle the sourcing and screening of talent so you only meet with the top candidates.

We customize our recruitment to meet your specific hiring needs and ensure candidates fit your company’s team and culture.

Using proven behavioral science, we look beyond the resume to understand candidates’ unique skills, motivations, and capabilities. 

Our established network of Rwanda’s top talent works across all industry sectors — from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals.

Our Recruitment Process


Tell us about your ideal candidate, including the skills, attributes and experience they need to bring to the role.


We advertise roles across all our media channels to ensure your job opportunity is seen by the right people.

Screening & Briefing

We assess all CVs and personally interview applicants so you end up with a shortlist of the best candidates.


We are on-hand during the entire interview process, offering advice from interview procedures to contract and salary negotiations.


To ensure a successful fit, we follow-up after a placement has been made to ensure that both the company the employee are completely satisfied.

Network of Talent

Our diverse network of talent includes candidates from diverse educational backgrounds and fields — from new graduates to seasoned professionals. We provide talent that is capable of assuming great responsibility and working closely with international stakeholders to achieve results.

Diverse Educational Backgrounds

Professional Job Experience

Strong English Language Skills

Get your opportunity in front of the right people

Promote your company and job opportunities to Rwanda’s brightest university graduates and young professionals via The BRIDGE's digital channels.



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