Sales Agent

The Sales Agent is responsible for representing Zamura Feeds ltd. and selling its merchandise and products (feed, chicken, eggs, or any other) across the country and region.
Reports to: Sales & Marketing Manager
Supervises: N/A (but work closely with distributors and shop keepers)
Works with-Internal: Live Production, Feed mill, Processing, Accounting TEAMS
Relates with-External: Customers, Mechanics and Vendors, Government, Law Enforcement, and community leaders.


Summary of Key Job Tasks & Responsibilities:
  • Generate sales and ensure products stay in flow at a sustainable rate and profitably
  • Present, promote and sell products/services using solid arguments to existing and prospective customers
  • Collect all money in sales and ensure all payments are made in full, on time and reach the company’s accounts
  • Manage and maintain customer relationships optimally (The company reserves the right to refuse or grant a sale)
  • Survey the market consistently in search for new opportunities that can generate or diversify profits for the company
  • Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule (Minimum volumes and target prices can be set by the company at any time),
  • Coordinate sales effort with team members and other departments,
  • Expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints to maximize satisfaction,
  • Ensure all essential and/or assigned reports are completed accurately, on time and on specified frequency,
  • Manage and protect all company records (hard and soft copies of invoices, delivery notes, receipts, customer information, etc.)
  • All other tasks as assigned


Summary of Key Job Tasks & ResponsibilitiesSkills/Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field
  • Proven work experience as a Sales Agent/Representative
  • Computer literate (basic MS office and excel) as well as Proficient in MS Office Suite programs (Google d0cs, Sheets, meet, calendar) as well as additional web-based sites, and the ability to quickly learn and utilize new software
  • Good planning and communication skills (timely, clear and accurate report/feedback)
  • Excellent selling, negotiation and communication skills
  • Relationship management skills and openness to feedback



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